Artist and Writer
1915 - 2019
Joe Lubbock was an artist and writer whose work drew on the beauty of the Suffolk landscape near his home: the river, reed beds and marshes, the shingle banks and beaches. His travels to the remoter parts of the world such as the Himalayas, the Galapagos Islands and the Antarctic were also a great influence on his work.

Joe produced 15 books, the last two of which were printed commercially from his paintings. In the first 13, the prints were from copper plates worked by etching, deep etching, aquatint and engraving. The colours were applied by hand in intaglio and relief, and completed with wash. The design and printing of the text for many of the books was by Sebastian Carter. The prints and text were hand bound into books of limited editions, each print being original.
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WINGS : The 15th Book

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